Zodiac in the 10th house Fiery sign – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Mars in 10th house grants income to its native from opposition.

Mercury in the 10th house indicates happiness and complete support of friends, both mental and financial. When Jupiter is in 10th house, the native makes a lucrative career in education or as a counsellor, advisor, lecturer or other Jupiter governed fields. He or she might make a thriving career in dancing, music, painting, acting and other art associated fields.

Career as per the lord of 10th House - Importance of 10th Lord for Career

Saturn in this house makes a person hard-working. As a result, native might achieve success in the fields of tourism, iron, cement and wooden furniture etc. All Tags.

Sources of income according to Astrology. Nature of the Profession A skilled astrologer can easily figure out areas suitable for success in work with less hurdles, suitable mode of earning your living, highest period of growth and setbacks, period when you should resist a change and remedies to improve your financial condition.

Status of Wealth from a Horoscope The 2nd house of a chart is most directly concerned with income.

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Indications of sources of income from 10th to 12th house The tenth house is the house of profession, status in life, activities outside house, honour, power and authority. Planets in the 10th house indicate Income The assets from a father or paternal relationship are indicated by the presence of Moon or Sun in the 10th house. Astrology Combinations for Wealth in the Horoscope.

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    Status of Wealth from a Horoscope

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