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However, you are lucky and resourceful, and when you fall, you usually manage to get right back up on your feet. You are outgoing, playful, and irtatious, and no one is more adept than you at working a crowd. In intimate relationships you make a charming, sexy lover who is affectionate, straightforward, and sincere. An idealist, you truly believe that each new love is going to last forever.

However, you love your freedom and independence more than anything or anyone. You certainly mean to be faithful, but archers are hunters, and if you nd someone more appealing, you may suddenly take off in pursuit of your new interest. The Myth Zeus, omnipotent ruler of the Greek pantheon, was virtually identical to the mighty and powerful deity known to the Romans as Jupiter or Jove, who rules the sign of Sagittarius.

The ancient Greeks looked upon Zeus as a father gure and revered him as the bringer of victory, preserver of order and justice, and protector of both gods and men. Zeuss father Cronus Saturn had learned, however, that one of his children was destined to dethrone him, so he swallowed each of them as soon as they were born. When his wife Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she substituted a stone wrapped in swaddling cloth for Cronus to swallow.

When Zeus grew up, he liberated his siblings by causing Cronus to vomit and spit them out. Then he led his brothers and sisters in a ght to wrest control from their father. Then he appointed himself supreme authority on Earth and ruler of the family of Olympian gods and goddesses. If Zeus Jupiter represents the exuberant, adventurous, freewheeling, self-indulgent side of Sagittarius, Chiron symbolizes the philosophical teacher and healer.

Chiron was a centaur, a being represented as half man and half horse. He learned to overcome the animal instincts of his dual nature in order to mentor a generation of Greek heroes. Chiron himself was a pupil of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis Diana. He was renowned for his skill in hunting, medicine, music, and the art of pro-phecy and was revered for his exceptional goodness and wisdom.

He also founded the Chironium, a healing temple on Mt. Pellius, where he instructed his students and helped them fulll their highest potential. I n nature, goats are creatures that can survive under the most difcult conditions. They are sure-footed on steep mountainsides, will eat anything, and can tolerate practically any weather. In some ways the human goat is a lot like his or her animal counterpart. Industrious, efcient, and disciplined, you Capricorns are determined climbers and naturally hard workers. Your outstanding characteristics are ambition, determination, resiliency, and the persistence to overcome just about any setback.

You win because you refuse to quit, and when you are knocked down, you bounce right back up again. You rarely sit around and wait for things to come to you. You decide what it is you want, and then you go after it. Moreover, you are willing to wait as long as it takes, and you will do whatever is necessary to reach your goal as long as its not unlawful or morally wrong. In fact, many goats have ve-year, ten-year, and twenty-year plans for the future always in place.

A born executive, you are most comfortable when you are the one who is in charge. Capricorn feels naked and insecure without a strong nancial base, which probably accounts for the goats reputation as a materialist. Relationships Within yourself, youre extremely passionate and longing for affection, but you have difculty expressing your true feelings. With career and.

Actually, no other member of the zodiacal family is as much in need of love as the seemingly cool Saturn-ruled goat. Capricorns are extremely sensual, and the sign ranks as one of the more physically passionate in the zodiac. When you let yourself go, you make an ardent, caring, affectionate lover. Once committed, youre in for the long haul, and no one is a more dependable or responsible partner than you. The Myth The Greeks related Capricorn to Amalthea, the goat-nymph who served as the baby nurse to Zeus Jupiter after Zeuss mother Rhea hid the infant god on the island of Crete to save him from the wrath of his father Cronus Saturn.

Amalthea, half goat and half nymph, was sister to the half-goat, half-human god Pan, who is also associated with Capricorn. Amalthea fed the baby Zeus on her magical nanny-goats milk. When Zeus grew up, he broke off one of her horns and turned it into the cornucopia, or horn of plenty. Since the goat-nymph was able to produce milk rich enough to feed a young god, Zeus he believed that the cornucopia made from her horn could provide magical nourishment for all the children of the Earth.

As a reward for her nurturing and devotion, Zeus placed his one-horned nanny in the heavens as the constellation Capricorn. Earlier in history, the sign Capricorn was associated with an older zodiacal creature, the goat-sh of the ancient Babylonians. The god Ea was one of the major deities of the old Babylonian pantheon.

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He was depicted as half man, half sh, or as a man cloaked in a cape of sh skin with a sh head over his head and with the bottom of his cloak trailing in the form of a shtail. He ruled over wisdom and the water beneath the Earth. He kept the Tigris and Euphrates rivers owing, thus making it possible for life to exist on the land. It is said that he rose out of the water during the day in order to teach wisdom and the arts of civilization to the ancient Sumerians and that he returned to the rivers depths at night.

A quarians are individualists who hate conformity and resent any authority other than their own. As an Aquarian, your most outstanding characteristics are idealism, progressive ideas, and humanitarian principles.

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As a member of an air sign, youre more at home in the realm of ideas than feelings. Emotions frighten you, and at times you can come off as a really cool customer. Nevertheless, you truly care about people and will lie awake nights worrying about the future of mankind. More than anything, you need a mission in life, and you often dream of reaching out to help the world solve its problems. However, you see things from a different perspective than the natives of other signs, and you tend to come up with original solutions that other people consider odd or eccentric.

A trend spotter, you are a prophet of progress and innovation. Youre always a little ahead of everyone else when it comes to accepting new ideas and technology. Although youre open-minded, Aquarius is xed sign, and once your mind is made up, you can be quite stubborn and inexible. And while some members of your sign are eccentric by nature, others actively cultivate eccentricity as a lifestyle. You love to shock and may go to considerable lengths to get a rise out of people.

Some want casual attachments without commitment, whereas others prefer a lasting partnership. Your initial reaction to people is usually more cerebral than physical. Its difcult for anyone to arouse your interest without some type of mind-to-mind contact. Even in your most intimate associations, your deepest need is for a relationship that satises you on a mental level. Romantically, you may be something of a slow starter, but once you get going, you make a passionate, imaginative, considerate lover. Epimetheus immediately began creating all the animals, giving them wonderful gifts of strength, courage, cunning, and speed.

Meanwhile, Prometheus shaped man out of earth and water. When Prometheus nished, he discovered that his brother had already handed out all the best gifts to the animals. There was nothing left for men, who were supposed to be superior to the animals. Prometheus asked Zeus to give his mortals some of the sacred re to put them on an even keel with the animals. With re, they could make weapons and tools to defend themselves and cultivate the Earth. Zeus refused, stating that re belonged to the gods alone. He thought men would become arrogant if they possessed this divine blessing.

Prometheus felt that Zeuss attitude was unfair, so he rebelled and stole some of the re from Zeuss hearth and gave it to man anyway. Zeus was enraged, but once the gift was made, it could not be taken back. The father of the gods took vengeance on Prometheus by chaining him to a rock. Prometheus hung from his chains and suffered, but he did not recant nor submit to the will of the tyrannical god.

In a further act of revenge, Zeus sent a beautiful woman named Pandora to Epimetheus, who took her gladly, despite his brothers warning not to accept anything from Zeus. Knowing that curiosity would get the best of her, the gods provided Pandora with a box and instructed her never to open it. Unable to resist, she unlatched the forbidden box and inadvertently released all the evils that afict the human race.

By the time Pandora managed to slam the lid closed, only hope remained to comfort humanity. S ince Pisces is a water sign and mainly emphasizes feelings, its natives relate to the world through their emotions. Your signs symbol, a pair of sh swimming in opposite directions, emphasizes the duality of your nature. Some Pisceans are shy and quiet, and even those who arent tend to be elusive, refusing to show their real selves to the world at large.

The aura of mystery surrounding you comes from a deep-seated need to protect your cherished dreams and secrets from those who may not understand them.

The pair of sh represents consciousness and unconsciousness, reality and illusion, sleeping and waking. Although some people may write you off as an impractical dreamer, your qualications for worldly success are grossly underestimated. Your vivid imagination and inherent exibility allow you to comprehend the entire range of human behavior. Like a chameleon, you adapt readily to changing surroundings and rapidly shifting circumstances. As a result, youre able to t in anywhere and get along with all different kinds of people. Relationships Fish are innately kind and compassionate.

The acts of caring and giving are second nature to you. However, your own feelings are easily hurt by the slightest misguided comment, and you require constant encouragement to keep from feeling insecure. You consider love a basic. When you fall in love, you fall hook, line, and sinker. However, fear of rejection makes you skittish and reluctant to make the rst move.

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Although Pisces natives are not normally aggressive in romantic situations, they are beguiling and seductive. Love has a way of nding you. The telepathic signals you send out are unmistakable, and the object of your interest and affection rarely has trouble interpreting the message. Having spent ten years ghting in the Trojan War, Odysseus was battle weary and longing for home and the company of his faithful wife Penelope and young son Telemachus.

However, the goddess Athena Minerva was furious at the way the Greek captains had mistreated Priams daughter, the prophetess Cassandra. When Troy was being sacked, Cassandra was in Athenas temple and under the goddesss protection. Nevertheless, one of the Greek commanders tore her from the altar and dragged her out of the sanctuary. When no Greek protested this sacrilege, Athena vowed revenge on them all. She appealed to Poseidon Neptune to give the Greeks a bitter homecoming. When the victorious Greek captains put out to sea, the sea god sent a fearful tempest that destroyed many of their ships and blew others off course.

Odysseus didnt die, but Poseidon pitched him and his men into uncharted waters. They were cast up onto many beaches where they encountered various mythological creatures, both good and evil. Their long journey home was one of amazing discovery, alternating with nightmarish periods of great confusion. Although Odysseus was gone for a total of twenty years, Penelope never lost faith that one day her beloved husband would return to her. She sent Telemachus to seek news of Odysseus in the courts of the other kings who had made it home from the Trojan expedition. While on his search, Telemachus received counsel from Athena, who advised him to go home.

Then Athena presented herself to Odysseus. She forgave him and helped him return to Ithaca, where he and Telemachus foiled a plot by one of Penelopes suitors to kill Telemachus, marry the queen, and assume Odysseus rightful place on the throne. The most widely used of the modern numerological systems is that of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who said, All things can be expressed in numerical terms, because all things are ultimately reduced to numbers.

Pythagoras saw numbers as the basis of all art, science, and music. He and his followers also believed that by contemplating numbers, they would discover the spiritual key that leads to the divine. In this part of What Your Birthday Reveals about You, Ill show you what numbers can tell you about yourself and your loved ones. Root Numbers There are nine basic or root numbers see chart on following page , and one of these is associated with you and your birthday, as youll see in the pages that follow.

Heres how to calculate your root number. The sum of any compound number, when reduced to a single digit, is its basic or root number. The root number for your birthday is the day of the month on which you were born, reduced to a single digit. Therefore, the root digit for the twenty-eighth day of any month is one. Birth-Date Numbers In addition to the meaning the root number has for every birth date, each of the numbers or dates from one to thirty-one also possesses its own individual vibration. These vibrations provide the subtle differences that distinguish a particular number, or birth date, from others that have the same root.

Both the root number and the actual date of your birth reveal some- thing about you and your potential. O ne is the number of beginnings, individuality, and independ- ence. Ones are the forthright leaders, pioneers, and fearless adventurers of society. Your dynamic, self-reliant personality prompts you to assume a leading role in all your endeavors. Full of initiative, youre driven by your ideals and convictions. Personal inspiration is the key to your motivation. You express yourself through your own originality and creativity. You also have great mental foresight and the ability to think for yourself.

Ones dont respond well to authority or the advice of others. You particularly resent it when your plans and beliefs are questioned. If you come up against strong opposition, youll either ght for your ideas or stubbornly resist all attempts to get you to change them. You like winning, and your naturally competitive temperament encourages you to take risks that others generally prefer to avoid. Your basic nature is active, forceful, and aggressive. Finesse is not your forte. You overcome obstacles by meeting them head on and barreling your way through them.

Although you can be exact about details, youre much better at starting projects than nishing them. If you become really bored, you may suddenly drop what youre doing and move on to something new. T wo is the number of duality, cooperation, and diplomacy. Twos are the partners and peacemakers of a society. Your sociable, courteous nature brings balance and harmony to all your inter- actions. You think in pairs and actually prefer sharing authority and responsibility to going it alone. Companionship is your top priority, and union your ultimate goal. Your forte is the ability to compromise and bring opposing forces together.

Tact and a decided knack for smoothing rufed feathers are the primary tools in your diplomatic arsenal. Your highly exible, adaptable nature helps you deal with all types of people and situations. A good listener and persuasive talker, you are also astute at working behind the scenes. Your success as a mediator stems from your ability to gently manipulate conicting parties and win them over to your point of view. When thwarted or blocked in your efforts, youll mix a bit of cunning with your charm to help turn things around.

The urge to merge is the main motivation underlying this numbers vibration. You want beauty and order in your life, and you especially enjoy creating a pleasant atmosphere for yourself and your loved ones. Twos are romantic, faithful, and affectionate, and you expect delity, love, and devotion in return. Because you dislike disagreements, youre usually the rst to make up after an argument. T hree is the number of self-expression, enthusiasm, optimism, and sociability. Threes are the friendly, the witty, and the charmers of society. You are a born entertainer with a cheerful, easygoing manner and a gift for gab that endears you to all kinds of people.

Three is also the number of good fortune. Some threes are so lucky they seem to be under the protection of a guardian angel. Even your difculties usually have a way of working out for the best. Despite your light-hearted approach to life, there is nothing super- cial about your desire to succeed. Threes are inherently ambitious and hard working. A genuine distaste for occupying subordinate positions fuels your climb to the top. Threes are generally multi-talented and sometimes have difculty choosing among various career options.

Naturally artistic and creative, you have a knack for synthesizing and communicating your knowledge and ideas. Cleverness, versatility, and quick thinking make it easy for you to outwit the competition. However, a tendency to spread yourself too thin by scattering your energies in a number of different directions may hamper your success. In your personal life, you are devoted to friends and family. A gener- ous, warm, and loving person, you enjoy interacting with people in social gatherings and intimate one-on-one situations. F ours are the workers and builders of society.

Your strength lies in knowing the best way to get a project up and running and keep it functioning properly. Your vitality, sense of purpose, and will power keep you going long after others have run out of steam. Loyal to employers and fair to employees, you make an excellent boss or manager. Driven by ambition and the desire to succeed, there is virtually nothing you cant do once you put your mind to it. Most number four individuals possess technical or mechanical abilities, are hard workers, and enjoy seeing the practical results of their labors.

The need for security and stability motivates them to build strong structures and institutions. This means that if your root number is four, youre particularly good at adapting the ideas of more visionary people and putting them to practical use. Your approach to most things is precise and systematic. Your outlook is traditional and you dislike upsetting changes; you nd fulllment in dependable, routine endeavors.

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Fours love their homes and families and are unusually faithful and devoted to their mates. As a four, youre totally trustworthy and dependable and may be relied upon to follow through on your promises. Fours generally spend less time having fun than other people, and when overworked, they can suffer bouts of depression. If you allow yourself to get stuck in a negative mindset, you may become repressed or repressive. S omeone who is a ve is a freewheeling adventurer who adapts readily to any situation.

Yours is an inquiring mind with a deep- seated need know why things are the way they are. You have a genial personality, are a good mixer, and make friends easily. Because of your characteristic sociability, you rarely feel down or depressed. Fives are generally lucky and able to bounce back from any difculty. Your knack for coping with the unexpected gives you the condence to try new things that are unusual and exciting.

Fives are generally able to juggle career, hobbies, and personal relationships with amazing ease. You are particularly adept at networking and communicating. You like exchanging ideas with as many different types of people as possible. Your easygoing style is extremely witty and entertaining, but your clever quips sometimes have a hurtful edge to them. Freedom and change are the touchstones of your existence, and a potent combination of wanderlust and nervous energy keeps you in perpetual motion.

Fives are sensual and sexy, naturally loving, and affectionate, but youre also likely to jump in and out of romantic relationships. Although you rarely admit to being ckle, there is a decided fear of intimacy in your basic makeup. If you settle down, youre likely to choose someone who shares many of your interests and is a friend as well as a lover. T he individual whose root number is six is self-expressive, creative, imaginative, artistic, and musical. You strive for peace and harmony and are happiest when life runs smoothly, with a minimum of stress and discord.

Essentially an idealist, youre the original Good Samaritan. You refuse to give up on people and have helped many a grateful friend stave off disaster. However, your concern for people can be taken too far, and sixes are sometimes accused of meddling in the affairs of others. Sixes like to entertain and will spend lavishly for parties and other social affairs.

You love your home and derive great joy from being surrounded by beautiful objects. Six is considered a fortunate number, and those under its vibration tend to attract money and property. Nevertheless, people and pleasure are more important to you than material possessions. Sixes tend to be charming and attractive, with magnetic personalities that draw others to them.

Love is important to you, but your ideas about relationships are overly romantic and sentimental. You dont like being alone, and without a loving, intimate relationship in your life, you may feel incomplete. However, given your emotional vulnerability, youre as likely to fall in love with a romantic ideal as with a real person. T he typical number seven is a truth-seeking intellectual with a decided knack for sizing up any situation in the blink of an eye. You have a deep reservoir of wisdom, a vivid imagination, and possibly clairvoyant or psychic abilities.

Your insight and intuition work hand in hand with your analytical mind to tie data together. Musical, poetic, and artistic ability is quite common among those with this vibration, and you could be skilled in handicrafts, writing, dancing, or painting. Other people may regard you as a genuine mystery, because your somewhat solitary nature is much given to private contemplation. Seven is a spiritual number, and you could be deeply religious or interested in various aspects of mysticism and the occult. Although some sevens are drawn to traditional religions, others prefer alternative spiritual movements.

Occasionally sevens create religions of their own based on their unorthodox mystical beliefs. If your root number is seven, you are extremely curious and willing to experiment outside the mainstream when it suits your purpose. Intimate relationships, however, can be difcult for you. You func- tion best in an individual capacity where you are the authority in your own realm. Because you breathe the rareed air of a visionary, you may feel misunderstood and unappreciated. You need to nd a partner who under- stands your moodiness and desire for periods of solitude. Youre actually happiest on your own or with someone whos tuned in to your wavelength.

E ight represents power and authority in the material world. It is the number of leadership, business acumen, tenacity, and hard work. You possess sound business judgment, marked executive ability, and a knack for commanding the respect and cooperation of others. Inherently industrious, patient, and persevering, you dont expect opportunity to be handed to you on a silver platter.

Consequently, most of your rewards in life stem from accomplishments achieved through your own efforts. Since many number eights are wealthy and powerful, the vibration is often misunderstood or misinterpreted as greed or ruthlessness. Actually, most eights must work extremely hard to get to the top, and their paths to success are often strewn with difculties. Eights are so dedicated that they are generally viewed as workaholics. As a manager, you expect the best from your staff, yet you wouldnt dream of asking them to do anything youre not willing to do yourself.

Despite their tough outer shells, eights often experience deep feelings of loneliness. You may demand constant reassurances from your loved ones, but what youre really seeking is proof of their love. Youre not the easiest person to live with, but once youve satised your need for emotional security and acceptance, you make a loyal, devoted partner or parent. Still, you have difculty expressing your true feelings, and at times you appear rather cold and distant. N ine is the number of universal receptivity and heightened awareness. Theres an aura of prophetic wisdom about you.

You possess an extremely perceptive mind with intuitive powers bordering on the psychic. The touchstones of your existence are human- itarianism and compassion, and you have a tremendous capacity for tolerance and spiritual achievement. You understand the human condi- tion, and in your work with others you are and seless and courageous. Nines are born ghters, and youre not afraid of anything or anyone. You refuse to tolerate injustice and can usually be found in the forefront of any battle against discrimination and inequity.

However, you are also impatient and impulsive and often forget to think before you speak. Sometimes you get so carried away with impractical plans and ideas that your potential for doing good becomes lost in aimless dreaming. When you allow your heart to completely rule you head, you can become so overly sympathetic to the plight of the less fortunate that you are willing to give away everything you own.

You are sincerely devoted to those you love, and youre prepared to sacrice everything for them. As romantic as you are compassionate, you tend to fall passionately in love with an ideal. When the reality doesnt live up to your expectations, you may be deeply disappointed and anxious to move on to another ideal mate. T On This Day: hose born on this day are ambitious, high- achieving, powerful executive types with an Celebrations on the overwhelming desire to win. Determination and Kalends, or rst day, of the need to be rst drive your climb up the ladder of January include New success.

You view life as a series of challenges to be met and Years Day and the festival overcome. Your standards are high, and you refuse to of the two-faced Roman compromise on principle.

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You expect the best from yourself Janus, god of gates, door- and others and have little patience with laziness or ways, journeys, and new incompetence. You probably dont think about becoming beginnings. This day is famous. You just do what you do best and let the chips fall sacred to the Greek gods where they may.

Still, theres no denying your ability to Zeus and Hera and to the stand out from the crowd. Roman Jupiter and Juno; it is a day of offerings Capricorns caution doesnt prevent you from taking to the Roman Fortuna, a gamble when the odds appear to be in your favor. When youre feeling goddess of war, insecure, restless, or impatient on the inside, you refuse to The Morrigan. When necessary, youll hide your anxieties rather than allow them to hold you back. Although you may appear cool on the surface, at heart youre a passionate and caring secret romantic.

Family means a lot to you, and you are extremely loyal and dependable. You like taking charge, however, and can be so demanding that relatives may nd you rather difcult to live with. Forster writer ; Barry Goldwater U. Salinger writer ; Ousmane Sembene director ; Alfred Stieglitz photographer. Although of a religious ceremony youre more relaxed than some Capricorns, you are just as known as the Advent of willing to work hard for what you want.

You want to make Isis from Phoenicia occurs it to the top, but not necessarily alone. You enjoy joint on this day, as does the enterprises and interacting with a partner or group. You celebration of the nativity sense other peoples needs and desires, and when a mediator of the goddess Inanna, is called for, youre often the one they turn to.

Sumerian Queen of Those born on this date are lovers of art and music Heaven and Earth. The and know how to put their creativity to practical use. Perihelion of the Earth also takes place every year Consequently, your strong intellect is more concrete than on this date and occurs abstract. Learning for its own sake holds little appeal for when the planet Earth you. Youd rather channel your ideas toward a specic goal.

In business, you make an outstanding executive whos popular with associates, co-workers, and clients. Youre gracious and sociable, and relating comes naturally to you. You may not feel whole without the companionship of a mate or partner. However, it usually takes more than love and romance to hold your interest. What you really need is someone who shares your goals and your strong sense of purpose.

Crowe U. T hose born on this day have vibrant, outgoing On This Day: personalities that make them extremely popular In Norse tradition, this with their many friends and associates. Although day marks the rite of you are as hard working and responsible as any goat, youre Charming of the Plow also fun loving and sociable. The serious side of your to petition Odin and Frigg Capricorn nature is lightened by your youthful efferves- to make the land fertile, as cence and great sense of humor.

You are full of enthusiasm well as the annual fertility and original ideas, but your interest in attempting new ceremony known as the things can cause you to spread yourself too thin. Deer Dances, which are People with birthdays on January 3 possess wonderful performed by the Pueblo imaginations and a air for the dramatic often found in Indians.

In ancient Greece, a festival called Lenaia was those who work in the media or the arts. You are naturally celebrated on this date artistic, and your star quality and love for the limelight are to honor Dionysus, the equaled only by your desire for material success. Your god of wine and fertility. You are very dependable and determined but nevertheless refuse to let personal responsibilities or career aspirations keep you from having a good time.

You lead an active lifestyle fueled by nervous energy. You need to learn how to relax or youll risk burning yourself out. In personal relationships, you want a partner who gives you considerable freedom of movement, yet you expect a strong commitment and total loyalty and devotion from your signicant other in return. While you may have big ideas, however, you value Stars is performed at stability and safety over glamour and adventure. Its not at midnight. To encourage all surprising that a serious Capricorn number four would good fortune and divine crave success or feel compelled to put business before blessings, water and pleasure.

What is surprising is your delicious, offbeat sense white wine are offered of humor that can astonish people who dont know you to the god who rules the well. Moreover, your dry, quick wit has a way of surfacing constellation Ursa Major. Genevieve of Paris. In There are no quitters born on this day. In fact, youre Elizabethan England, known for your ability to hang in and see things through to this day was set aside the end.

Moreover, you wont balk or run off at the rst sign for weather forecasting. Still, you can be very demanding, and you expect a great deal from associates and loved ones alike. Nevertheless, beneath your sober faade lurks a protective, caring person who feels duty bound to do whatever is necessary to assist family or friends who are in trouble. You need to be loved, but you are cautious regarding emotions and would rather hold back than appear vulnerable.

When youre able to trust someone enough to let down your guard, you make a sensual, loving, and faithful partner. T he typical person born on this date is a maverick On This Day: dressed in conventional clothing. As such, you are In England, Twelfth Night a far-sighted reformer on the inside, but youre and Wassail Eve herald the more comfortable implementing your innovative ideas in end of Christmas. In some an established framework. Even so, you dont allow your parts of Italy, the crone concern for the welfare of others to interfere with your goddess Befana is said personal goals.

As a free-spirited adventurer with the goats to distribute sweets to practicality and persistence, youre quite capable of good children and lumps garnering success and acclaim in both materialistic and of coal to bad ones. Her altruistic endeavors. The loud to make your mark as an entrepreneur in business, the sounds drive away evil and media, or the arts.

Youre particularly suited to professions mark the passage of winter. Your passion for roaming is tempered by the level-headedness of your Capricorn Sun. Nevertheless, you resent sacricing fun for work and may be tempted to overextend yourself physically. If you burn the candle at both ends, even your seemingly boundless energy will eventually run out.

In an intimate relationship youre passionate and loving, but you require a considerable amount of personal freedom. You are loyal and have strong feelings regarding family and community. Nevertheless, you dont respond well to the demands of an overbearing partner. Youre more likely to remain committed to someone who understands your overachieving personality and your need for time to pursue your various outside interests. Pike U. Snodgrass poet ; Paramahansa Yogananda spiritual teacher.

A practical visionary, you tend to express the Three Wise Men to your humanitarianism through conscientious devotion to Bethlehem, is observed in duty. Ambitious and tenacious on the one hand, you are many parts of the world innately spiritual and philosophical on the other. You have with gifts and feasting. Tasting flights and glass pours will also be available. Detroit Vineyards opens to the public May 3. Colliau, formerly the bar manager at Long Now, is focused on technical flourishes at the new cocktail bar, stirring drinks with digital thermometers to measure dilution and hand-cutting ice, as well as offering a range of in-house-made canned cocktails.

The couple launched the urban winery and tasting room in support of their wines, previously made at a custom crush facility. The new venue will support tastings and bottle purchases, along with hosting live music and other evening events. Coomber Craft Wine is now open. Hanson, formerly a member of the board of directors, has resigned from that role in order to take charge of the wine and spirits division starting on June 3.

Hanson was previously the chief executive officer at John Hardy Global Limited. Prifold, previously a hotel consultant, replaces the outhgoing Brandon Anderson in the role. Roquette is scheduled to open late summer DeHass, along with her husband David Fritzler, is focusing on natural wines and craft beers and ciders at the newly-opened restaurant and retail shop. Chacon-Rodriguez, formerly the director of operations at Safe Harbor Wines in Napa, California, will oversee crush operations and wine production at the university, as well as instruct students and assist in wine research and trials.

Hoover, who serves as director of beverage for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, will focus on domestic and French wines at the newly-opened Del Mar SoCal Kitchen, while she will emphasize sparkling and white wines at Lincoln Social Rooftop, which is slated to open April The Vault is now open.

Burns, who previously served as brewer at Garage Project Brewing in Wellington, New Zealand, joins the Idaho brewery as it prepares to open a new barrel brewing system, with a focus on European beer styles. Maniace, who also oversees the wine program at sister restaurant Che Fico, will offer over bottles , which can also be purchased and taken home, with an emphasis on hard-to-find Italian wines from smaller producers. Che Fico Alimentari is set to open April The upcoming cocktail bar and Vietnamese restaurant, slated for a winter opening, will feature a list of cocktails with elaborate recipes and presentations, often calling on obscure ingredients and Asian influences.

The new restaurant and bar from restaurateur Teddy Sourias will focus on natural wines and cocktails to pair with the menu, which is inspired by street and comfort foods, with 8 cocktails on draft to go along with 20 beer and cider taps. Blume opens on April Vann is focusing on natural wines at the new spot from restaurateurs Bobby Heugel and Justin Yu, which is now open.

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Bennett will oversee the drinks program at the newest venture from restaurateur Danny Meyer, housed in the newly-opened Hudson Yards development. McKee assumes the new role while former master distiller Pamela Heilmann transitions into serving as master distiller emerita and distillery manager Matt Bell replaces McKee as distiller. The moves will take effect May Rouben will explore different presentations, ages, and temperatures for beer service during the course tasting menu.

The Dining Room is set to open summer Gilla, the founding winemaker at Forgeron Cellars, will focus on Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah at the new winery, which is set to open to the public on April 27 and is owned by Spanish wine company Bodegas Valdemar. Ghost Hawk Brewing Company is now open. Hobbs, a former sommelier, will eventually offer around wines at the newly-opened wine shop, along with a selection of wines by the glass and small plates.

Stevens previously was vice president of wine in the state of Georgia for the wine and spirits distributor. Klus, co-owner of La Moule and the original curator of spirits at Multnomah Whiskey Library, will offer a wide range of spirits in addition to beer and wine. Scotch Lodge is set to open May 2. Tatum joins the bourbon distillery, owned by Stoli Group USA, after serving as vice president and director of portfolio innovation at Brown-Forman.

The rooftop bar, offering cocktails, beer, and wine, is now open. Gorsky, previously the vice president of marketing for Pernod Ricard, will now oversee sales in Washington, D. Velvet 49 is scheduled to open on May 3. Seven Reasons is now open. The deal becomes official on April The pair of homebrewers will offer a wide range of beers, including multiple stouts and IPAs. They are aiming aiming for a late May opening. The expansion, which took four years to complete, allows the bourbon distillery to produce double the quantity of spirit it was previously capable of, as well as to expand its offerings of higher-proof bourbon.

The new facility is now open to the public. Coronado will oversee the bar program at the third D. Colada Shop is scheduled to open in fall Debeaulieu, formerly of 00 Wines, will oversee winemaking at the new winery from Beck Family Wines. The property consists of 60 acres of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines and a state-of-the-art winery still under construction. Abbott Claim will release its first wines in early The newly-opened spot features 50 wines by the glass and over by the bottle. Schwenk has focused on unique takes on classic cocktails, like a cream soda old fashioned or a Cosmopolitan made from all recycled ingredients.

Ball, owner of the cocktail bar Garage, next door to the upcoming modern Mexican restaurant, will be designing the cocktail program, which will offer Mexican-inspired twists on classic cocktails. No opening date has been announced for Comedor. Stewart, formerly vice president of marketing at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, will assume the same role at the craft brewery, overseeing marketing strategy as well as planning new product launches.

The new tasting room will allow guests to taste and purchase the honey wines the duo produces, as well as try various mead-based cocktails. Recolte Meads is now open. Batch Brewing is scheduled to open in June Cocktails and wines by the glass will also be opened.

Saint Vincent is set to open in fall Mitchell, who formerly worked at the wine-focused neighborhood restaurant, will now oversee operations, with a continued emphasis on affordable European wines as well as a wide selection of Champagne. Dudley Market is now open. Jacobs will work with national sales manager Justin Taliaferro as a part of the newly-created national sales team for the newly-launched division of Thornhill Companies. The new venture will focus on tiki drinks and frozen cocktails to compliment the large rooftop deck. Ramirez, a long-time Milwaukee bartender, will split his cocktail menu between classics, remedies, and a rotating selection of themed cocktails.

The Mothership will also feature draft beer. It is scheduled to open April Teubner, formerly vice president of U. Notre Vue also named Daniel Charles as viticulturist and Kirk Tomiser national sales and marketing manager. The Conservatory is slated to open late spring Linsey Weinstein, formerly of Rebel Rebel and Wine Bottega, is overseeing the wine, amaro, and spirits program at the new bar focusing on whiskey-based cocktails and natural, organic, and biodynamic wines.

The Quiet Few is now open. Wiznitzer, formerly of The Seamstress and Dead Rabbit, will design the cocktail program for the 13th-story bar atop the soon to launch The Kixby hotel in Manhattan, which is slated for a May opening. Mondavi will now serve as director of chains off-premise, west for the family-owned wine company. Additionally, Spencer Tirschek has been promoted to director of national accounts on-premise, and the company also added Christopher Mouriski, formerly director sales operations for Treasury Wine Estates, as sales vice president, west.

Carnes joins the craft brewery after serving as east coast regional manager for Chicago-based Revolution Brewing. The brothers, owners of fellow Dallas restaurants Veritas Wine Room, Boulevardier, and Rapscallion, will be offering a dozen local beers on draft along with a curated wine list and a full cocktail list emphasizing popular classics like the Aperol Spritz and Boulevardier.

Hillside Tavern is now open. The new space within the hotel will allow for private dinners and wine tastings, with an inventory of over 30, bottles of wine. The Cellar is now open. The new facility is slated for a June opening. Eagle, formerly the wine buyer at Wine Club in San Francisco, will offer coffee and wine at the newly remodelled space, with a limited food menu to come.

Zaremba, beverage director for Boka Hospitality Group, is emphasizing classic cocktails at the new seat bar inside the Hoxton Hotel. Lazy Bird opens April 4. Quimby is overseeing the bar program at the newly-opened rooftop bar situated on top of the Virgin Hotel in SoMa. His cocktail list features unique creations with an emphasis on larger-format cocktails. Everdene is now open. Comfort joins the California winery association and promotional body after having previously founded The Artemis Group, a planning and consulting firm for the wine industry.

Meisler, who joined the spirits importer in , previously served as sales director. In his new role he replaces outgoing chief operating officer John Eason. Coursey has been with the fine wine importer since , starting off as northeast division manager. Vargas, one of several partners in the new modern Mexican restaurant and bar, has created 20 different margaritas for the bar, which will also offer a range of Mexican and craft beers.

Peso is set to open mid-April Munroe, formerly of Ben Milam Whiskey, is overseeing the soon-to-open distillery, which will focus on whiskey but will also produce gin and beer. Maverick Whiskey is scheduled to open later in Poulsen was on board when the winery launched in , but left in to serve as director of winemaking and executive manager at Acumen Wines. Current winemaker Jean Hoefliger will transition into a role as consulting winemaker.

Lopez, who along with her family owns the Oaxacan restaurant Guelaguetza in Los Angeles, will feature a wide range of tequilas, mezcals, and agave-based cocktails when Mama Rabbit opens in late July In her new position, she will oversee daily administrative operations for the producer of Schlafly Beer, as well as managing company-wide financials. Baladi, who previously served as chief operating officer for the spirits producer and distributor, has been with Beam Suntory for eight years. He replaces Matt Shattock, who is now the chairman of the board of directors.

Abraham oversees the beverage program at the recently-opened cocktail bar, contained within the loft of larger D. The cocktail program features on classics, with some custom riffs on classic formulations. The Ella Grace is now open. The wine program at the relocated steakhouse offers a similar, but smaller, set of selections at the new Upper East Side location, with the same emphasis on California Cabernet, Bordeaux, and Burgundy.

The new venture from Chetiyawardana replaces his award-winning Dandelyan, which will feature a list of seven core ingredients that guests can choose from to assemble a cocktail. Lyaness is now open. The venue is scheduled to open May Sara Fowler is on board as winemaker. Adam Duley, a longtime home brewer, will serve as master brewer for the new venture, which is currently offering other local beers on draft. The bar, opening on March 28, will offer a combination of tiki classics and custom riffs on those classics.

Donnally previously operated the tiki bar Drift Lounge in Scottsdale from Lysyj joins the brewery after serving as the U. The bar will have a special focus on sustainability efforts, such as minimizing waste, and ethical business practices that revolve around inclusive employment and competitive wages. Morris, formerly of The Pontiac in Hong Kong, is designing the cocktail program. The proprietors are hoping for a late April opening for Expo. We would be pleased to submit you an individual offer. Photo: Simon Vogel, Cologne. JSC Berlin. Photo: Robert Hamacher, Berlin. JSC Berlin, foyer, ground floor.

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